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True about banking system

Aim of the country is to provide the nation with the method of payment  free of charge (think about the transaction that you make every day, are they free of charge?)

Banking system is a system created for the nation to ensure the safety of the transaction and safety of the people.

Banking system have to became a part of the public sector to avoid conspiracy


Country is formed by the nation
Nation is formed by the families
Families are formed by me and you.

Think now how your country should look like?

If you lend the money to the member of your family, do you charge him/ her an interest rates ?


True About Us

 We were born to develop and learn on our mistakes.
Do you think you developed over past year ?
Do you think your kids will live better life?
You hope that they will...
You believe it.
Do you believe in hope?
Their future is in your hands.
Right direction is written in your heart.
How to get there?
Use your brain.

Democracy needs an upgrade

Dear Sir/Madam
The process of perception began in our minds.  All our thoughts are aiming to distinguish good and evil.  The silence that we keep has to be broken. We have to get rid of the lie from our world, to learn on mistakes made in the past. With our beliefs manifesting in daily life we can break the silence.
“We all can live better life.”
Fairness, justice and freedom are more than just words, they are perspectives. If you see the crimes of this government, if you feel as I feel, and if you would seek as I seek. Please support my protest against human rights violations:
“We have a right to access top secret acts, there is not different between us. We are all part of the nation.”
We all have a right to be treated equally. Since when 1 has different values “Why 1 GBP equals 1.2373 EURO” / 1 GBP equals 5 Zloty”
“What man has created belongs to the man. We have a right to use the same technology.”
“Banking system was created to ensure safety of people and their transactions. It was not created to divide society into rich and poor.”
On 21.09.2012 I decided to send a complaint of above to European Court of Human Right.  I’m still waiting for their respond. Deep in my heart, I know that I'm right. We have to live with truth. To live in a harmony. To reach infinity.

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